This is where I tell you why I do what I do and where the scents come from.

Sunset @ Dry Lagoon

I was always drawn to helping people. I had a natural aptitude for massage and started massaging my family at age 6, I delved into herbal remedies and perfumery in my early teen years, and have utilized what I learned ever since. I graduated from massage school in 1993 and have been using aromatherapy in my sessions since my first position straight out of school.

‘Looking to the past explains the present’

I heard that somewhere and found it to be true.

Throughout my life I have been interested in history, watching documentaries, reading biographies, or just thinking about the people that contributed to the creation of the landscape we live in today. What I have found is that, through scent we can travel through time in a very tangible way. By wearing a perfume or scent that our ancestors enjoyed you feel this profound connection to women and men that lived in another time, but just like you are attracted to the same scent. Whether they used it for an aphrodisiac, aromatherapy, something prescribed by their doctor to fight the ‘bad humors’ , or to combat the poor hygienic times.

It doesn’t really matter, what does, is that connection you feel, and that you will smell fabulous.